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TURBO-K - THE Next Generation Gas Turbine
Super Cleaner!

Here are the most important reasons why you want to wash your gas turbine engine compressor with TURBO-K ...

  • The water based GT compressor super cleaner Turbo-K: Developed in 1998 is not only based on the newest surfactant chemistry research, but was designed by an expert group with many years of experience and subject knowledge in the field of compressor washing. Product development was initiated by the findings of an independent comparison test of compressor cleaners conducted by the US Military (publication of results: early 1997). 
  • Sophisticated formula for best possible cleaning power across the whole spectrum of fouling: Usually compressor cleaners are formulated either from anionic, cationic or nonionic surfactants.Oftentimes also only a single of these ingredients is actively in charge of the product’s cleaning power. Turbo-K however contains a very complex and triple-active formula of cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, of which the latter is a state-of-the-art surfactant custom made for Turbo-K
  • Highly effective for off-line washing: Test winner for example at an investigation of a German gas turbine manufacturer. The surfactants in Turbo-K work with synergy: the washing power of the whole system is even better than that of the sum of its individual components. 
  • Proven, outstanding performance in on-line washing: Turbo-K is totally immune against the known “cloud-point” phenomenon of conventional surfactant cleaners. Upon exceeding the cloud point temperature, common surfactant ingredients drop the dirt removed from the front stages onto the latter stages of the compressor, causing the fouling to redeposit down stream. Turbo-K has no cloud point temperature and thus exceptional dirt suspension abilities so that all fouling is carried into the combustion chamber.

  • Corrosion inhibiting properties: despite the fact that most materials found in today’s gas turbine engines are virtually fully resistant against corrosion, Turbo-K has inherent corrosion inhibiting properties to protect the compressor.

  • Safety in use: Turbo-K is not aggressive against the eyes and skin. When using the product no special precautionary measures other than standard safety procedures for the application of cleaning products must be observed.
  • Trouble free disposal: Turbo-K is degradable in any biological sewer system. Disposal of the off-line wash effluent therefore is determined by the engine fouling found in the solution.

  • Environmental acceptability: Turbo-K was formulated entirely without alkyl phenol ethoxylates (a-p-e), nonyl phenol ethoxylates (n-p-e) or other ingredients with aquatic toxicity.

  • OEM approval: Unconditional approval for use of Turbo-K by virtually all GT manufactures. Where a direct approval is not available, Turbo-K Ltd. upon request guarantees engine safety by means of a legally binding "Certificate of Conformity" for any ordered batch of product. See our Approvals Page.

  • Ease of Supply: Turbo-K is normally supplied as an industry standard 1:4 concentrate. For those that prefer the convenience of a ready to use product Turbo-K can be supplied pre-diluted. High volume industrial users who are able to comply with the necessary blending and quality assurance requirements may find the Turbo-K 1:19 Super Concentrate of interest. All variants are available in 1,000 litre IBCs, 200 litre drums and 20 litre containers. 

  • Independant Tests and Feedback: End users indicate that super cleaners have similar off-line cleaning efficiency to solvent based cleaners and superior on line cleaning performance to simple surfactant based wash fluids.
  • Customer satisfaction: Satisfaction rate of Turbo-K “upgrade” customers (formerly users of other products) is exceptional: once you tried the product, you will simply stay “hooked”… and your engine clean.

    Next time you require a truly effective off-line & on-line compressor cleaner...
    Choose TURBO-K - THE Next Generation Super Cleaner!

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